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Manage Active Directory

Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting (CADMR) is a prominent and easy-to-use AD management tool that enables the administrator to generate AD reports for future analysis. This Active Directory management software is designed to support Active directory administrators and help desk technicians in their routine activities such as Domain management, user management, resource management as well as management of other stuff over Active directory. Being continuous and effective while working for Active Directory has always been a great deal for AD administrators, but with this ad management tool, Active directory management becomes simple as well as effective.

Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting is incorporated with many features in just a single tool. Using this ad management tool, administrators can take benefits of Active Directory Query, WMI Query, DC Monitor, and Active Directory Users' Accounts and Password management from a centralized location. Using this active directory application, you can generate reports about the functioning of AD objects, user’s accounts and password details which is basically a time consuming and tiresome process for administrators. But with Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting, you can automatically generate in-depth reports related to all AD objects, therefore making Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting a fast, effective and simple tool to use.

Avail Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting software as free evaluation to get a fair idea of its working. Users can download the free version and evaluate free demo for a trial period of 30-days. However, to enjoy continued performance, you need to purchase the full version of the software as the trial version doesn’t saves and prints the generated reports.

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