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Active Directory Self Service

Providing wrong password while logging in to the account for multiple times lead into the account lock. After an account has locked user needs to contact with the administrator / help desk staff for unlocking his account. The process of unlocking a user’s account takes significant time. Moreover, due to the password’s complexity, users generally forget passwords of their accounts and therefore, need to call help desk technician for password reset. In the process of resetting password and unlocking the locked account, a significant time of the administrator / help desk technician is wasted. In addition, the output of end user is affected, as he has to wait for the administrator to come and reset his account’s password or unlock the locked out account. Chily Active Directory Self Service simplifies the task of the administrator as it enables the end user to perform self account unlock and self password management.

Using this amazing Active Directory Self Service Password Reset software, an end user does not need to raise a ticket for password reset or account unlock as he can himself reset his account’s password by logging into his account in the Chily Active Directory Self Service software. The software not only allows doing self password reset or self account unlock, it also helps the end user to keep his information updated in organizational database.

An organization saves users information in Windows Active Directory thus; by enabling, the end users to update self information in Active Directory the software ensures that the organization will have updated information of all employees without the involvement of help desk technician. As Chily Active Directory Self Service is a Web-based tool, one can access the tool from any computer within a domain. Software can be purchased according the number of users and price is also determined according to them.

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