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Chily DC Monitor

Chily DC Monitor software helps an administrator in monitoring and evaluating Domain Controller status and their performances. It comes as a free DC monitor tool that is used to track Domain Controller Performance Data. The performance data so generated keeps administrator updated with state of DC and its performance. Comprehensive information like CPU utilization, Memory Utilization and Disk Utilization are extracted, along with other parameters like Page Reads/sec, Page Writes/sec, NTFRS Handles, File Reads/sec, File Writes/sec etc which are helpful for an admin in daily administrative tasks. Domain Controller monitoring tool is embedded with Auto Update function that allows administrator to check enduring changes in performance data of DC. Exclusive features of Chily DC monitor tool are: Keeps administrator updated with DC performance, Monitors various DC across an organization, Auto update feature shows up any changes in DC performance data, Quick to install and easy to perform, Simple and attractive graphical user interface, free downloading.

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