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trueSpace 7.6

trueSpace7.6 is a fully-featured 3D authoring package that will let you model, texture, light, animate and render 3D content. As well as traditional images and movies, you can also make 3D content for online shared spaces, and for Virtual Earth.
An entirely re-written X format exporter lets you save your trueSpace creations to load into game engines such as XNA to develop games for Windows or the Xbox 360.

Also included is an export to Virtual Earth which will let you place your 3D creations straight into Virtual Earth from trueSpace. Now you can place whatever you make into real world locations in Virtual Earth and share them with others!

trueSpace also supports import from a wide variety of formats, letting you take existing objects and use them in Virtual Earth.
The already powerful range of modeling tools in trueSpace is expanded with this release, making it easy for you to create your 3D objects and scenes.
The improvements include the ability to sweep edges as well as faces; the option to hide geometry while point editing to make it easier to work on areas of your model; a heal vertices tool to tidy up geometry after booleans or imports; tools to optimise triangulation or quadrifying polygons to ensure a workable mesh; new point edit selection tools to grow, shrink, invert, and convert a selection; and more.

This means it is quicker and easier to work with your model in any way you need, to get precisely the result you are after with the minimum of fuss.
As can be seen in Emmanuel Asset's sample image above, trueSpace7.6 sets a new standard for Booleans, able to handle complex set-ups and still provide you with full control to adjust the boolean after it is applied to get exactly the result you are after.

trueSpace7.6 features interactive booleans. These work like a history stack, allowing you to move the objects around even after the boolean is performed, or even change the boolean from a subtraction to an intersection!
rueSpace7.6 re-writes the book on real-time rendering in a 3D authoring package. This gives you the best possible modeling environment, and the ability to render an image in seconds rather than hours, or an animation in minutes rather than days.

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