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ZePlanner 2.0

ZePlanner is a workforce management software for any kind of company in the service industry.
What does ZePlanner offer?
- personnel allocation management
-quick and simple recording of orders
-a clear and well-structured list of orders
-easy assignment of orders to employees via drag&drop
-a fully scalable and configurable timetable
-shortcuts and context menus for professional use
-complete network compatibility (automatic synchronisations of all computers in the network)
-improved communication due to print functions, E-mail, text message and Outlook interfaces
-order costing
-attendance lists (vacation, sick leave, compensatory time)
-various possibilities of personalisation (layout, colours)

New features:
New user type: Guest
Graphical planning in weekly view as well
Order description instead of “information ZePlanner” in subject line of e-mails

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