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Rental Calendar for Workgroup

This is a more powerful version of Rental Calendar, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network. Rental Calendar is designed for individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, operating in the rental market. With this software, renters can organize rental activities, keep track of rental units and plan to rent out resources, avoiding associated problems. The program has a handy interface to calculate and show the term of lease, professional events, helping you to make decisions quickly without having to search in endless paper notes, looking for time available for rent. The program has searching and sorting options to let users easily handle records.

Rental Calendar is great to store and keep track of calendars for unlimited number of rental units, such as DVD disks, cars, bikes, boats, scooter, planes, houses, etc. With only one mouse click, you can back up or protect the database with a password. What's more, the Calendar database can be copied to a USB flash drive for security or simply to move it to another computer. Date Navigator lets you view records for any particular day with a click on the day in the calendar. There is also an opportunity to prepare reports for printing or exporting to other formats: XML, HTML, XLS and TXT. Rental Calendar supports all Windows OS.



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