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A2 Flash Php Photo-Gallery

A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery is the easy way to design, organize, display, upload online fully-featured Php Flash Dynamic Photo-Gallery with thumbs. The gallery runs off advanced PHP with MySQL database, Actionscript code, No Flash PHP programming is required. Simply choose category, gallery and upload images. Thats all Features: Control Panel 5 languages, easy WYSIWYG off-line Sw to create Flash Photo-Gallery templates, FULL customization, extended graphic libraries: animated Open-Close, Transitions, Effects on image and thumbs and more. Automatic installation on your FTP-server with just a few clicks. A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery has written powerful code makes adding and displaying your images fast and easy!! The advanced Actionscript code written in Flash uses smart navigation and Zoom Image controls, automatic thumbnail creation, rate pictures, add comments, add music and sound on each gallery and on each image, each album. Each category supports different independent Flash templates and more: A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery have a powerful flash template software for easy customization to match the rest of a site. The script supports multiple users and provides the administrator of the website with tools to manage the users. Users may also upload to public albums if the website administrator permits it. Permissions to create albums, upload and delete files are all determined by the website administrator. A2 Flash allow you to quickly update your own Multymedia Flash photo gallery through any web browser. A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery brings the power of content management directly into your hands.

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