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Free browser SpX

Free browser SpX is fast and graphically attractive, is a full featured Web browser.It is very easy to use, its numerous functions will allow you to enjoy browsing the web.In this version SPX (special for all) you can find integrated some functions as Special search and Top Favorites.Our slogan is more Easy to use and more functions.After you try our Free Browser, we think you continue to use as your favorite Web brower.Thanks for all.

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DSL 2000 : 00:00:02 Stunden
ISDN : 00:01:07 Stunden
56K Modem : 00:01:16 Stunden


Downloadgröße 537 KB
Freeware - Lizenz
Ab System: WinXP
Sprache: ENG
Am Son 24. Feb 2008 eingetragen
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