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Device Driver Backup

Device Driver Backup software to create backups of important system drivers which are required to be installed at the time of reinstalling the OS. The sound drivers, video drivers, audio drivers, hardware drivers etc are required to be installed again in case of formatting or installation of OS. Just create backup of drivers before formatting the system and save them to a specific location and restore them when you want to install them to the system. With Chily Device Driver Backup software you can easily know about the number of drivers installed in your computer system; the manufacturer name and configurations are also displayed by the software. The software searches for drivers and displays them in a tree like structure, this helps in locating lost or missing drivers. Unwanted or un-useful drivers can also be uninstalled with Chily Device Driver Backup software. With free trial version, you can only create backups but to restore them you need to have Full version of the software. Full version of the software also creates an Auto-Installer.exe which helps to run saved backups and install them to multiple systems. Purchase device driver backup for $19.95 only and restore the saved driver backups.

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